LUCI® available as 30-day licenses

Full versions of LUCI Live or LUCI Studio can now also be unlocked by purchasing a 30-day activation code, giving you 30 days of fully functional use. Ideal for special events where you want multiple reporters to use our software, without having to buy full lifetime licenses!

DigaMailbox integration for LUCI iOS and Android

From version 2.5.1 on you can now enjoy full integration with DigaMailbox depot of David Systems. This is an easy and secure solution for transferring multimedia content via the internet in order to simplify communication between broadcast centers and external or individual correspondents.

Celebrating more than 10 years at IBC

LUCI Live was first shown at IBC in 2004. Last year, LUCI Global the Radio Community subscription app, was launched at IBC 2015. Broadcast stations, universities and colleges, worship stations, newspapers, NGO's, amongst many others can now use this great user-friendly solution for live program formats that allows any contributor to stream live.

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