Technica team

Joost Bloemen
President and founder

Joost Bloemen founder and entrepreneur of Technica Del Arte bv is an audio engineer pur sang. He uniquely understands how audio works and where it needs to go. He has a background of electronic design and hardware and software development. He changed the way live broadcasting was done with developing his own LUCI Technology.

Florence Laout
Marketing, public relations & sales

Florence manages our marketing & sales dept, back office and contract administration. With qualifications in communications and office management and many years experience in PR and Communications Florence brings a skill set most offices envy. Organised, methodical, and outcome focused, Florence is the hub of our operations and is also our Managing Director.

Jean Custers
Chief technical officer

Jean Custers and Technica Del Arte go back a long time. Jean is - as a member of our development team - also playing an integral role in setting our strategic direction, development and future growth. Jean is responsible for establishing the company's technical vision, developing the product roadmap and leading all aspects of the company's software products, solutions and the go to market readiness.Jean loves, thinks, dreams, acts and does software engineering.He dares to take on technological challenges and advance.

Cris Badea
Support and hardware engineer

Cris Badea is since 2012 responsible for the daily technical support regarding all LUCI products. Besides that he is also involved in hard and software development regarding releases of new future TDA products. As having a lot of support and sales experience in the audio world he understands how important it is to build a bridge between these two disciplines.

David Kammeyer
iOS Programmer

David Kammeyer is engaged by TDA since 2013 for providing development services for LUCI for iOS. David is a great team member and very dedicated and driven to assist in updating, upgrading and getting all LUCI Software to a higher platform and in their related app stores. David has been doing iOS since 2009. He understands the entire lifecycle of developing apps and how to take an algorithm and turn it into highly usable software...

Ronald Verheul
Web and PHP programmer

Ronald Verheul is almost a year now closely involved with the optimalization, security and expansion of the LUCI License manager, either for customization by contract and by commission for big OEM clients or for the day to day business for Technica Del Arte. Ronald is content management specialist and java developer with over 15 years experience in (web) content management and application development. He is very efficient and an asset to the TDA team. He will meet all deadlines and project goals while keeping a keen eye on the quality of the developed code.

You could be here

We are always looking for trainees and highly skilled software and hardware engineers or developers who are out-of-the-box thinkers and want to dive in and get their hands dirty.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more details.

We offer a pleasant, informal and international work environment within our dynamic organization.

Every day new ideas and opportunities arise. With clients all over the globe, we are a major player in the present broadcast and music industry.

Company information

Joost Bloemen founded OMT-company in 1984 which was renamed in 1994 into Technica Del Arte. Technica Del Arte is a solution-based firm, skilled in developing professional audio technologies, both analogue and digital, including DSP and C++. Technica Del Arte works with high qualified permanent staff, freelance engineers and software developers. Producing user-friendly products is our main aim, but of course they must be technically well designed and of the highest sonic quality, too. We make our own products, both hardware and software-based, but also take on commissions from clients for large-scale, innovative audio projects. Technica Del Arte is the creator of the revolutionary LUCI series of broadcast software applications. This innovative technology was first launched in 2004 and enables journalists to go live, record, edit and deliver studio-quality audio to radio and TV stations all over the world, from anywhere in the world, using a mobile phone or laptop. LUCI can be customized, works multi platform and is compatible to various hardware like codecs, newsroom systems, broadcast media tools, soundcards and other studio software.

Heritage and achievements

2019 LUCI Studio now also available for macOS and Linux
2019 release of LUCI Subscribe
2018 release of MIKI-D USB microphone cable with integrated DSP
2017 release of LUCI Live4all and LUCI Global security check
2017 release of LUCI LIVE SE, Live streaming essentials only, for all platforms (app)
2016 release uMi, usb microphone interface with DSP (hardware) combined with LUCI Software
2016 release Swedish Radio – LUCI LIVE SR for iOS (apps)
2016 release LUCI Enterprise Licensing Program (subscription)
2016 release LUCI Studio Ember Plus
2016 release LUCI Live4All extra streams
2016 release LUCI GLOBAL worldwide community app for Android and Windows (app)
2016 release MIKI-Metal cable, ruggedised microphone cable with integrated, metal-cased pre-amplifier
2015 release ARD muPRO for Android, iOS, Windows and MAC (apps)
2014 release LUCI LIVE Video for iOS (inapp)
2013 release LUCI LIVE Lite for Linux, Windows and Blackberry platforms (apps)
2012 release LUCI LIVE 4All customized community radio for broadcast stations for Android and iOS (apps)
2012 release LUCI LIVE Lite for iOS in iTunes appstore and LUCI LIVE Lite for MAC (apps)
2011 release LUCI LIVE for Android, Linux and Blackberry (apps)
2011 release ULCC (codec)
2010 release LUCI LIVE for Windows and LUCI LIVE for iOS in iTunes appstore (app)
2010 release LUCI LIVE and LUCI STUDIO on USB drive pre installed (software)
2009 release support N/ACIP LUCI STUDIO (software)
2008 release LUCI AV Audio & Video, record, edit and upload (software)
2006 release LUCI STUDIO Live 2-way streaming for Windows (software)
2005 release LUCI EDIT, audio record, edit and upload (software)
2005 release MIKI Cable (hardware)
2004 release LUCI BASIC, audio record and upload (software)
2004 Launch of Theater LUPA II (hardware and software)
2003 Launch of Telcom decoder (software)
2002 Laucnch Flexeq (plugin)
1998 launch Delaymatrix (software)
1994 Launch LUPA I (hardware)
1994 Launch LUPA Penremote (software)
1994 Launch LUPA and recognition of AES society
1988 - Present: Contracts and commissions for international clients in the audio industry

engineering audio since 1984 we have more than 30 years of experience. View the Technica del arte history