Luci Live for Windows and MAC updated to 1.1

New version 1.1 has some nice improvements:

  • Sample-rate for the outgoing stream can now be set. Dependent of the chosen format, different sample-rates can be set.
  • The character size of the main display screen is lowered when the name of the station or file can not be displayed completely. Just like in the iPhone version.
  • Play button now shows the Stop icon when playing instead of the previous Pause icon, this reflects better the function of the button as it really stops playing the file and rewinds to the beginning.
  • You can now also play files with sample-rates of 16000,24000 and 32000 Hz, in the outgoing stream.

Bugs solved:

  • When you entered text and pressed TAB to go to the next text field, in some Dialog windows it didn’t jump to the next field.

MAC version Updated

The MAC version of Luci Live is updated to the same UI as the Windows Luci Live Client version. So you will enjoy the benefits of cross-platform compatibility in UI.

As a consequence you will see the version number of the MAC version change from 1.1.12 to 1.0.27 once. But don’t worry, this version contains more features and many new features that are planned for Windows will arrive at the MAC platform at the same time.

Also, this new MAC version is the same as the one  in the Mac App Store.

Get ready for iPhone V1.1

Stay Tuned ! This new version, waiting for review in the app-store, will include the following features:

  • N/ACIP protocol, including Stun-support.
  • Shoutcast/Icecast protocol.
  • FTP uploading of recorded files, as MP2 or AAC-HE, including BWF header.
  • Simple, non-destructive, top and tail editing of a recorded file.
  • You can play a file when you’re in the main window and you are not connected.
  • From any settings window you can now return to the main window in 1 click.
  • Automatic call forward option added, which enables you to automatically dial a number to forwards all calls when you go live. You can configure the numbers for on and off, but you can only use codes without * and # characters. Some providers have special call forward codes. For example, Vodafone NL has the numbers 12332 and 12333 for automatic forwarding all calls to voicemail.

Luci Live for MAC now available !

Here it is ! Luci Live for MAC OSX Snow Leopard or higher.
Download it here.

Notice the familiarity with the iPhone version ? That’s no coincidence, it’s the same, but not exactly….

Installation of the software is easy, just like any MAC software.

Purchase and registration is easy, it’s exactly the same as for the PC version.

V 1.0.6 for iPhone

V 1.0.6 is now available for all users of our AdHoc versions and also submitted to the App-store. To receive the download link of the updated AdHoc version please send an email to . App-store update is expected to be available on your iPhone in 1-2 weeks. New features:

  • IPV6 fully supported.
  • Changed function of right slider from Mic cue level to Mic level, in the same go we added an input limiter also.
  • Limiter added in headphone output.
  • Added overload indicator(peak goes red) and limiter indicator (peak goes orange) for OUT level meter.
  • Improved icons below sliders.
  • Press Headphone icon below left slider to Mute/Unmute headphone.
  • Press Mic icon below right slider to switch Input cue On/Off.
  • Adding a new phonebook (“Add a new station from URL”) will now replace the old one.

Bugs solved:

  • Behavior of connection indicator at IN level meter improved.