Activating your LUCI LIVE SE Enterprise license

LUCI LIVE Enterprise is the general LUCI LIVE app which allows you to use it with LUCI LIVE SE functionality or the full LUCI LIVE functionality, depending on the purchased license. The first time you open the LUCI LIVE Enterprise application after the installation, you will be prompted to fill in your details and the activation code.

The * items are mandatory.

  • Name: your name
  • E-mail: your email address
  • Password: Users of LUCI LIVE SE Enterprise will receive an email with their password code. Please fill this code in this field to activate the software. And click the Log In button.

NOTE: The Enterprise version is only for clients of an Enterprise Subscription.
NOTE: If you do not have a password check your email spam box.
NOTE: The above provided information will be stored in our License Manager and will only be used if needed for technical reasons and not for marketing or commercial use.

LUCI Live Enterprise will now have all functionality of LUCI LIVE SE, the orange LUCI LIVE E icon will remain. And your software will now be registered to your iOS device.