Installation guide LUCI LIVE SE for Mac

Installers for Apple Mac PC can be found on our here site. Just Download the file and double click it.

The first installer screen. Press Continue to proceed.

Normally a program is installed in the default Program area, if you want to install it somewhere else, define the preferred location. Press Continue to proceed.

Showing the type and size off the installation. Press Install to continue.


Now the system ask you for your users password for security. Enter the you login password and press Install Software.

Now the installation is finished, and pressing Close will close the installer.

You can find the LUCI LIVE SE app in your Applications area (called “Launchpad” in your Dock), double click to start.

LUCI LIVE SE starts in fully functional demo mode. It will mute the audio I/O for 1 second every 20 seconds. This is the only difference compared to a purchased full version. For a full version you have to buy an activation code at our webshop.