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Real-time Transmission / go live

The LUCI LIVE SE application is simplified to just one ON AIR button. This button activates your microphone and at the same time will establish the connection with your chosen streaming server. After activating the ON AIR button this will turn RED, indicating the microphone is active. The incoming stream indicator will turn Green after the connection is established.

Now you are streaming live audio to the station.

Note: If the incoming stream indicator is grey: then you are not transmitting / or not connected to the Echo Server, this is also noticeable by the empty IN peak level meter, when there is no return echo channel.

Special producers review mode: Talk-Back ( Push to Talk )

For live studio music mix / voice-over producers reviews or other applications were you do not want to use headphones, we made a special “Push to Talk” mode. In the stations settings the option “Talk Back mode” has to be set, and then, when connected a “TB” button appears, and LUCI starts in “Listen” mode, muting the microphone.On press and hold the “TB” button, LUCI is switched to “Speak” mode where the microphone is un-muted and the speakers are muted. So it acts as a kind of Walkie-Talkie.

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