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Recording Publish

recordings_edit_8stscreenBy clicking the publish button you will be prompted by a dialog to publish the selection you made to an FTP server ( when FTP defaults are configure ‘Settings > FTP defaults’ ) or to another application installed on your iOS device.

> DigaMailbox

This option is only visible when ‘Settings > DigaMailbox’ is filled in. Select it to send the audio file to your David system.


file name
This is the name of the file to be broadcasted.
Here you can set the codec of the published file.
Here you can set the bitrate of the file.
BWF Broadcast Wave File is by default activated.
The last part is your metadata that will be sent along with your
audiofile. You will see these parameters only when BWF is activated.
If you have completed all fields you can then choose Send in the top right corner.
NOTE: All your recordings are uncompressed by default. If you need to send your file compressed set the right codec in order to do so.
NOTE: Scroll down if you don’t see all parameters.

> to other App

You can share the audio file to every app on your device that can handle files. Just tap the desired App and follow it’s instructions.

NOTE: There is also a shortcut to this option by long pressing the file in the ‘Settings > Recordings’ screen.

> Render File

Here you can save your edits to another file. By default a new name is composed, but you can change it in a small dialog.

> Email

Send the uncompressed file by email using your email App. Fill in the email recipient and a subject, and send.

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