LUCI Studio manual version 4.x

This is the manual for the older version of LUCI Studio 4 and older. For the latest release manual select the Manuals Menu above.

Live two way LOW DELAY broadcast

Congratulations with your choice of LUCI Studio!
LUCI Studio transforms your PC into a high quality live internet broadcasting transmitter & receiver. Until now you had to use very expensive satellite-time or the suchlike, but now, with the emergence of high-speed wireless internet access and the use of LUCI Live and LUCI Studio, the cost of live broadcasting is practically zero.

The main features of LUCI Studio are listed below

  • Receive RTP low-delay streaming, two-way, so includes sending a return channel.
  • Transmit RTP low-delay streams from the field, includes receiving a return channel.
  • Support for multicast streaming connections, Transmit or Receive.
  • Shoutcast/Icecast source.
  • SIP
  • Easy multichannel configuration with new version 3.0. Configurations of 40 simultaneous stereo streams per computer are possible.
  • Codecs: MP2,AAC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEV2, AAC-LD, AAC-ELD, OPUS, G711, G722, ULCC, FLAC, Linear.
  • 24-bit ULCC audio codec, 44.1 to 384 kHz sample-rate.
  • Constantly updated to the latest IP-technology and standards.
  • Free help desk via email and support tickets.

This manual consist of 5 main chapters

The kind of devices needed, software compatibility, audio cards, plugs etc. for both users, reporters, backoffice and program makers / technicians or web (radio) masters.

Both software installation and license or registration process is explained in detail for both users, reporters, backoffice and program makers.

For users reporters who are using a PC equipped with LUCI Studio software.

LUCI Studio Setup allows backoffice / program makers / technicians or web (radio) masters to define the technical set-up and the general behaviour of the software.

Guides for connecting LUCI Live to LUCI Studio, multi-channel setup of LUCI Studio, etc…