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Audio Settings

Audio In

Microphone Fader lock
You can (un)set this to prevent changing the microphone gain accidentally.
Microphone Fader a Level Control
When selected the Microphone fader will have a range from -oo to +20 dB in stead of the standard -20 dB to + 20 dB. Used for fade outs.
Mic Mute instead of Cue
Changing the behaviour of pressing the little microphone icon on the main screen to Mute.

Audio Out

Xtalk compensation
By this option the cross talk on the headset will be cancelled. If you use a headset or MIKI cable and the radio-station hears themselves back too loud, turning compensate On is advised. This will cause LUCI to output inverted audio on the L and R headphone output, thereby cancelling any cross-talk back into the microphone input via the headset connector itself.

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