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‘Record to’ in Settings will activate the Recording menu. You can choose either a new recording or one of the existing recordings to become the file you want your next recording to be added to.

recordings‘New Recording` Type the name you want to give to your new recording file. If you then go back to the main screen this name appears as the file your live item is recorded to. Your first recording will start if you push the REC On button (number 001 appears in between the brackets).

On the right side of the ‘Existing recordings’ you will see the amount of recorded files of each specific recorded session. To choose an existing recording tap its name, a checkmark will indicate the chosen file. The next time you will start a recording, this name appears in the main screen. If you then push the REC On button the next number will show automatically to this name (between the brackets).

NOTE: For each new recording the number between the () will increment and a new file will be written.

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