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Installation guide LUCI LIVE for iOS

LUCI LIVE in the iOS App Store can only be activated by an In-App purchase or license bought directly from our webshop here. Purchasing the LUCI LIVE app directly from the iOS Appstore have changed, read all about it on the news item here.

If you purchased LUCI LIVE from the iOS Appstore prior then 27/01/2022 and you have deleted LUCI LIVE or changed to another iOS device and looking for your iOS purchase, follow the instructions  here.

<- STEP 1: Install LUCI LIVE for iOS via the iOS Appstore, so choose App Store on your iPhone.

<- STEP 2: Tap search
<- STEP 3: Type LUCI LIVE in search area.
<- STEP 4: LUCI LIVE appears and then tap ‘GET’




<- STEP 5: Choose the LUCI LIVE app on your iPhone to get started.










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