Off                    On             Explanation

buttonrecordnormalbuttonrecordselectedRECORD button; by activating this button a new recording will be started, but only when the Mic button is also On.

button_play_offbutton_play_onPLAY button; this button will play / insert the chosen recorded playback file.

buttonmicnormalbuttonmicselectedMIC button; this button activates the mic. If a connection with a station is established, the stream will start immediately.

buttonconnectnormalbuttonconnectselectedANTENNA button; this is the connection button. By activating this button the connection with the station will be established.

NOTE: All buttons have an orange state, which means that the function is trying to be activated. For instance, the Antenna button will first turn orange when it’s trying to connect, when it is connected it will turn red.