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LUCI LIVE settings can be changed by menu items you can find in either the File Menu or the Tools Menu. Most of the items have keyboard shortcuts on witch they are executed directly when pressing this key or sequence.

> File Menu

@ Go to Open file for playing to select the file you want to play.
@ Go to Choose file to record to for defining the filename for recordings.
@@@ Go to Add phonebook from the internet to setup an url to load a phonebook from.
@@@ Go to Add phonebook from a file to select a phonebook file to load.
@@@ Go to Add station to quickly add a new station profile.
@@@ Go to Exit/Quit to quit the program.

> Tools Menu

@ Go to Sound file Player for playing audio files.
@ Go to Audio editor for editing the recorded file.
@ Go to FTP for sending a recording with FTP.
@@@ Go to Select a Station for setting up, choosing and/or adding stations.
@@@ Go to Select audio I/O for selecting the audio input and outputs.
@ Go to Select Video for selecting the camera.
@@@ Go to Options/Preferences to change some general settings, phonebook, SIP or FTP servers.
@@@ Go to About to see the about screen.

Note: Some items are only visible when they are switched on in the options dialog.

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