Recording Location Change

Due to new Android policy we had to change the location of the recordings to a “Sand-box” location that is only available for LUCI App. This means that your old Recordings are no longer available for other Applications to access.

We have made a Migration tool to copy your old Recordings to this new location. This tool will show you a dialogue at the moment you press the “Play from” option. It will give three choices:

– Yes: will copy all recording from the old location to the new location, making them available to be selected for playing. Take in account that this copying can take a while. After the copying the old recordings will show together with the new recording(s).

– Not now: will skip this for now, showing you only the list in the new location.

– No, stop asking: This will not copy the files and will never ever ask you again, so you cannot ever do this.

Note ! The old recordings will stay at the old location whatever you choose. Maybe it’s a good idea to remove them yourself if you do not need them any more.

Exporting your recordings to other Apps.

You can export your recordings if you need them for other Apps or Send them through mail, Google Drive …. with the Share function in the file chooser or in the Audio Editor.

Accessing your recordings with a PC.

All though Google claims that the “Sand-box” memory cannot be accessed by other Apps, you can still access them through your Windows PC .

When connected to the PC with an USB cable the phone shows a message in the information drawer :

Tapping on this message will show you the options what you can do with this USB connection:

To access the files you select “File transfer” here.

On your PC screen you will see your phone in the the Explorer window, showing the “Internal Shared Storage” :




From here you can access the OLD recordings location at : This PC\Pixel 4\Internal shared storage\Luci

Or the NEW recordings location at : This PC\Pixel 4\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.technicadelarte.LuciLive\files\Recordings .

Just keep clicking on the directories one by one until you reach the recordings:From here you can copy them to your PC or even move them from the OLD to the NEW location or vice versa.