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Luci Live2 v1.3.21, symmetric codecs

  • You can now choose to set Luci Live2 (when acting as a server) to use the same codec as the one that’s coming in. So, if a reporter starts a stream with AAC-HE 96kbps in stereo, the server will send AAC-HE stereo back. If the next reporter streams with AAC mono at 48 kbps, the server will send 48 kps back. To switch on: in the server profiles you can now also set the output format to “follow”, thereby indicating that it should follow the input.
  • On a PDA, the AAC-HE encoder will now have 50 ms less delay as before.
  • Asymmetric encoding/decoding with AAC encoding and MP2 decoding now works ok.
  • In the station-list, double click on a station will now Select and Confirm the selection.
  • The 30 days test keycode was actually 7 days. From this version on it’s 30 days.
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