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Some nice features are added to make life even easier:

  • You can now play mono files or projects in a stereo stream and vice versa.
  • ASIO audio driver support is now enabled for N/ACIP also.
  • Compatibility with Prodys Prontonet is now confirmed for RTP and N/ACIP for the following codecs: G7xx,MP2,PCM. AAC is in the works.
  • SIP port can be set in the N/ACIP protocol, this way you can use other ports than 5060 to establish a call. For this just type :portnr behind the sip-address, just like with RTP.

2 Bugs solved:

  • ASIO didn’t work for N/ACIP protocol
  • If you played a file without streaming and you used ASIO, you had to wait a second before you could start playing again after stopping.
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