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Luci Live for iPhone V 1.0.2

New versions contains some new features and bugs solved.


  • AAC-HEV2 stereo codec  added.
  • Luci Live will now automatically initiate an internet connection when there is none.


  • MP2 decoder did not work at stereo, only mono
  • source port for RTP was always 5002, is now the same as destination port, as normal.

Everyone with an Ad-Hoc distribution can now download the newest version here

Multi platform developer blog

The developer blog has been rearranged as Luci Live is going multiplatform: Windows, Apple, Android, Meego and Symbian.

As you will see, these pages have changed a bit as Luci Live is going multiplatform: Windows, Apple, Android, MeeGo, Symbian. To the news, iPhone version has update 1.0.1 with some bugfixes and a status update:


  • There was an audible tick at the start of playing a file.
  • Some protocols were not implemented but you still could choose it, now you can only choose protocol that are available.
  • Protocol TDA has changed name into RTP, after all it’s standard symmetric RTP.


1.0 is now “In review” at the app-store. If you however would like to test Luci Live2 on iPhone NOW, please send an email to Warning: we have only a limited amount of test-versions available, due to Apple restrictions.

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