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Introducing Luci stream cloning

A new feature in the just released Luci Live 1.4 for PC/MAC and Luci Studio 3.1 for PC involves the use of multiple network interfaces for streaming. For instance if you have an active WIFI and 3G connection on your laptop using Luci Live, you can send 2 streams, 1 via WIFI and the other via 3G. So when one fails the other will remain working and the other end will not notice any interruption. The Studio side has to be able to receive these 2 streams and use them accordingly of course. For this we updated Luci Studio also, it will not only receive multiple streams, but also sends multiple streams back via the different routes used.

You don’t necessarily need multiple working network connections though, if both sides support IPV4 AND IPV6, your DNS server is set to return an A and AAAA record, Luci will send 2 streams, one via IPV4 and one via IPV6, you never know if one fails or not .

Sounds all too technical ?

Don’t worry, to use Stream cloning , simply switch the protocol to SC-RTP in the station setting and the rest will be sorted out for you automatically.

For Luci Studio you don’t have to change anything, it will automatically detect cloned streams. Just leave it set to the RTP protocol.

So, in this 1.4 update of Luci Live you’ll find:

New features:

  • Stream cloning
  • small graphic improvements
  • Notification window when call comes in via N/ACIP

Bugs solved:

  • Pressing the about icon when recording or playing messed things up.
  • Sometimes, after releasing a call, leaving the Antenna On and then after picking up a call, there was no return stream.

In the 3.1 update of Luci Studio:

New features:

  • Receive cloned streams
  • Receive source-specific multicast streams. Set server to the form source@multicastgroup:port
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