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V 1.0.6 for iPhone

V 1.0.6 is now available for all users of our AdHoc versions and also submitted to the App-store. To receive the download link of the updated AdHoc version please send an email to . App-store update is expected to be available on your iPhone in 1-2 weeks. New features:

  • IPV6 fully supported.
  • Changed function of right slider from Mic cue level to Mic level, in the same go we added an input limiter also.
  • Limiter added in headphone output.
  • Added overload indicator(peak goes red) and limiter indicator (peak goes orange) for OUT level meter.
  • Improved icons below sliders.
  • Press Headphone icon below left slider to Mute/Unmute headphone.
  • Press Mic icon below right slider to switch Input cue On/Off.
  • Adding a new phonebook (“Add a new station from URL”) will now replace the old one.

Bugs solved:

  • Behavior of connection indicator at IN level meter improved.

V 2.1.3 features a Mic input limiter for Windows Mobile

An input limiter has been added. So if you increase the input gain the limiter will make sure that the resulting signal is nicely limited to 0 dB maximum output level.

Only for Windows Mobile.

Also, a bug, in version 2.1.2 only, was solved where you had to switch off the Antenna-button before you were able to connect to the same station again.

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