V 1.0.6 for iPhone

V 1.0.6 is now available for all users of our AdHoc versions and also submitted to the App-store. To receive the download link of the updated AdHoc version please send an email to iphone@luci.eu . App-store update is expected to be available on your iPhone in 1-2 weeks. New features:

  • IPV6 fully supported.
  • Changed function of right slider from Mic cue level to Mic level, in the same go we added an input limiter also.
  • Limiter added in headphone output.
  • Added overload indicator(peak goes red) and limiter indicator (peak goes orange) for OUT level meter.
  • Improved icons below sliders.
  • Press Headphone icon below left slider to Mute/Unmute headphone.
  • Press Mic icon below right slider to switch Input cue On/Off.
  • Adding a new phonebook (“Add a new station from URL”) will now replace the old one.

Bugs solved:

  • Behavior of connection indicator at IN level meter improved.

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