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V2.0 is here.

Here’s another free update, Luci Live Two V2.0. Both platforms, Windows PC and Windows Phone are updated.
Lots of goodies for the professional are added:

  • 32-bit internal audio-path.
  • 24-bit audio codec ULCC (read more here).
  • 24-bit audio recording.
  • Sample-rate up to 384 kHz (only for PC).

Some visual enhancements:

  • Modern Vista style buttons for Vista and Windows 7

General enhancements:

  • You can now load files for playback with different sample-rates as the project.
  • Removing a USB audio interface while streaming is now handled better.
  • Installation with limited user-rights is now handled better. Especially with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • 30-day keycode didn’t work in some situations, should work always now.

Enjoy !

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