Luci’s external phonebook improved.

Bug solved:

  • When you used an external phonebook using a csv file you could not use the Global RTP/UDP on the stations of the phonebook, it would default to not using Global RTP/UDP settings and jitter-buffer of 0 ms. Here you can download an updated external stations list example which shows how to set the Global RTP/UDP.


Some nice new Luci features have been added.

New features:

  • You can remove the menu-bar from the window. Use Setup/Options. When you do this a small down-pointing arrow will appear in the upper left corner that enables you to show and choose the menu-options.
  • If you click on the LUCI logo you can switch between the About and GoLive tool quickly.

Bug solved:

  • In server mode, if you received a stream from a Smartphone running Live2 and AAC-HE codec, the server would crash.