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Luci Live, small update for N/ACIP users

For MAC, PC and Andorid there’s a small update 1.2.1 available for users of the N/ACIP protocol:

  • Some enhancements for N/ACIP, including faster disconnect and connect with a stun-server defined.
  • 1 important bug solved which was introduced in 1.2: with N/ACIP sometimes you had a lot of drop-outs in the signal.


Luci Live for Windows, MAC and Android updated to 1.2

3 Platforms receive an update. Here is what happened, first what’s general across all platforms:

  • You can set a default folder for recorded files. Configure with Options.
  • Choosing a new file for recording now only allows you to type a name, the folder is set with the default recording folder option.
  • With N/ACIP protocol (SIP) you can now be called by the studio. Press the antenna only and Luci will wait for an incoming call. Pick up by pressing the Mic button.
  • With N/ACIP protocol you can now also define if Luci will will use a different encoder then what the caller requests.
  • Improved error-reporting with Shoutcast.

Android specific updates:

  • Many visual improvements for high-resolution displays.
  • Audio files are now recorded and played from user-definable folder, by default sdcard/Luci is used. Configure with Options.
  • record 16-bit files instead of 24-bit, so less storage space is used.
  • When you are called with N/ACIP protocol, notifications and ringtone will appear.
  • tablets with only Wifi can now be used also.
    !! Important, this update will install itself seperately from the last version. It will be called “Luci Live” so, WITH the space. Use your activation-code to activate this new version, you can find this in LuciLive in the about screen. Future version will just replace the old version entirely and keep old settings.
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