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On standard PC/Laptop watch out for port 5004 and 5005 ! When the user has enabled Streaming options or Media Sharing in Windows Media Player, port 5004 and 5005 can not be used by Luci or any other program anymore ….

This new version of Luci is now able to detect if any other program in a PC occupies the port that Luci wants to use when you press the connect-button and presents the user with an error-message.

Solution is to disable Sharing Media in Windows Media Player or just use another port.

If you have little control of what users do with their computer running Luci it is advised to use another port.

A small bug was solved in this version:

  • When you loaded a file for playing that was located at the USB drive and you then inserted the drive into another computer where the drive received a different drive-letter, Luci would start with an error where it couldn’t load the file. This is now solved.
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