Luci Live2, V1.4.4

The window for choosing a station has been revamped, you can now:

  • See the date and time of when you last used a station.
  • Sort according to name or last used date/time.
  • Update the list through the web. The user can update the list with a station-list you can store on any webserver. Format (CSV) is the same as import station-list in Live2Setup. To enter a URL go to Live2Setup “Server2” page. Only when a URL is entered the user will see a button called “Update” in the “Choose Station” window. The imported stations are appended to the local list from Live2Setup and cached locally. The list is always updated manually, no automatic update takes place.
  • On PC, you can resize the window for choosing a station.

And, some extra keyboard shortcuts where made:

S = Choose Station
C = Connect
Space-bar= Mic
P = Play

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