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Avoid echo on the return channel

When you hear yourself with a delay from the return stream, there are a few things you have to check:

  1. You need to use a headphone, to avoid the laptops microphone to pick up the studio’s return stream, LUCI has no echo cancelling.
  2. It could be that the Laptop microphone is routed by the OS to the laptop’s speaker: please uncheck the Microphone’s Property “Listen to this device”.
  3. The studio is sending a stream back to you containing the broadcasted audio with your stream mixed in, so you hear yourself with some delay. The studio needs to set up a mix-minus audio routing configuration, where you only get the audio broadcasted, but without your own voice.
  4. On Mobiles we have a special setting called Xtalk compensation
    With this option the cross talk (leakage) on the headset will be cancelled. If you use a headset or MIKI cable and the radio-station hears themselves back too loud, turning this “Xtalk compensate” on is advised. This will cause LUCI to output inverted audio on the L and R headphone output, thereby cancelling any cross-talk back into the microphone input.
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