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This guide explains how to stream live video from LUCI Live to LUCI Studio.


We developed the Video recording and streaming for LUCI LIVE and the MAX subscription app. The advantage of turning on this extra feature is that you can record a video while you are streaming audio live to your station on the same device. For mobiles the internal camera is used and for desktops, internal or external webcams. After your live audio report you can edit the video, with sound, and send it off to your station for cross media communication post production. The created mp4 file is excellent for sharing on the web or social media, like Youtube.

On top of that, you also have the ability to simultaneously Record audio & video, send live audio AND send a live video stream (one-way) to LUCI STUDIO or a Comrex Liveshot decoder. All at the same time !

So, to recap, with the LUCI LIVE Video feature you can now:

  1. Record live video, record & transmit live audio, receive a return audio stream, all simultaneously.
  2. Record & transmit live video, record & transmit live audio, receive a return audio stream, all simultaneously.An excellent opportunity to use your items for post production publication.


LUCI STUDIO has the ability to receive a live video stream ( one-way ) along side the Audio stream. It receives the video stream and previews it in a separate window.  With a Blackmagic SDI output card it can then be send to a your SDI video network. It has also the capability to record and export the video to a mp4 file, making it suitable for social media platforms.

The video capability is unlocked by the product video plugin , available at our shop.

In this guide you will first learn how to receive live video using LUCI STUDIO or a Comrex Liveshot decoder from LUCI LIVE.
Secondly the setting up and using our LUCI LIVE software with the extra video feature will be explained.

LUCI LIVE can stream video in H264 format with a maximum of 1920 x 1080 resolution, 30 Hz frame-rate and up to 4Mbps bitrate. Full frame intervals can be set from 100m sec to 1 sec.

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