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LUCI LIVE Lite is the low cost version that can only stream in G722 format or ULCC*. Normally the G722 codec is used as this is compatible with all third party Audio over IP codecs on the market, but it’s downside is that the audio quality is not better than the old ISDN lines.


If you connect to our LUCI STUDIO you could decide to use our own ULCC* codec with far better audio quality, low coding latency and available in Stereo. The downside of ULCC* is the high internet data usage (240 kbps per channel) which could increase additional internet costs.

* ULCC - ULTRA LOW COMPLEXITY CODING for AUDIO, developed by Technica Del Arte for professional performance:
 - Low power usage at recording and playback
 - High quality
 - Excellent for Multichannel Compressed Audio Recording
 - For use with LUCI Studio

Steps to connect

To connect LUCI LIVE Lite with LUCI STUDIO can best be done using the RTP protocol. See “Connect Luci Live with LUCI STUDIO” in the LUCI STUDIO HOW-TO section, for instruction for you first connection as these steps need to be done for all LUCI LIVE products.

On LUCI STUDIO you can create a special Server Station for receiving LUCI LIVE Lite streams. This needs to set its codec to a format that LUCI LIVE Lite can handle, so either G722 or ULCC. If high quality audio is not important on the return channel, set it to G722 to reduce internet data load. Set the jitter buffer to at least 200 msec or add a Dynamic jitter buffer, to reduce audio drops on bad internet connections.

On LUCI LIVE Lite create the Stations profile with the name of your station, the IP and Port number of your LUCI STUDIO station, select RTP protocol and choose the format; G722 for low quality or ULCC for high quality.



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