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Wizard LUCI Studio with OSC clients

Select OSC configuration: For the OSC wizard to set up control by OSC protocol.



OSC control Protocol wizard

The section “Remote control with 3th party OSC clients” will give you an impression of the usage of OSC to control your LUCI STUDIO Instances remotely. With the “OSC configuration …” wizard you can setup the Manager to handle OSC control.


OSC receiving or Add Target IP’s

For receiving OSC commands Select the Receiving port and change it to your OSC sending application output port. All LUCI STUDIO instances will be controlled through this port, having its own unique id number shown in the Manager window at the O(LSI number), eg. For sending the register command to the O(3) instance the OSC command path is “/ls/3/Commands/Register”


For OSC receiver Applications you can Add the IP of the receiver PC by selecting “App a OSC Target IP” and press next:


Change the OSC target IP and port

Fill in the local IP address of the computer that runs the OSC receiver Application and it’s input port number. The manager will send all changed parameters including the VU values to this PC.

Upon Next the conclusion page will show you what is set.


Conclusion page

Press Finish to accept.

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