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Select Edit Instances : For the Instance wizard to Add, Remove or change Instances



The Manager Settings file is used to store all settings and called “LUCI Studio Manager.lsma”. As this file is used together with the LUCI Studio instance settings files, it’s best to save it in the same location, or some other user accessible location.

The Location of the Luci Studio application can be changed if the OS could not determine it, or if it’s on the LUCI Studio on USB stick.

If you have more Network connections you can set the Network interface for all the Ember+ data,  separating the remote control network from the audio stream network.

Press Next to go to the next wizard page.


Add or Change an Instance

Presuming you have one or more LUCI STUDIO instance settings ( .lsup ) files, you can add them here so the Manager will start them automatically. If you used the previous version of the “LUCI Studio Manager” or “Luci Remote Controller” you can import its “LUCI Studio Manager.ini” or “Luci Remote Controller.ini” file.

Press Next to go to the next wizard page.

Add an Instance

Select the .lsup file that you want to add, and choose the functionality and values of both the watchdog timeout and Ember+ port. The port number can be any port in the range of 1000 – 9999, but needs to be unique in your whole local network. If your LUCI Studio application does not have an Ember+ plugin license, you can uncheck this feature in the ‘About’ window.

As LUCI Studio can run from either the installed version on the desktop , or from an USB stick, you can change the application per .lsup. This is useful if you want to (temporary) extend your system with LUCI STUDIO on usb instance licenses.

The next page will show you the conclusion of your Adding an Instance.



Conclusion Page when Adding an Instance

Go back if you made an mistake or press Finish. On Finish the Manager will start the instance for you.

Repeat these steps with the “Edit Instance..” menu if you have more instances to Add, or if you want to change any setting.



Change/ Remove an Instance

Using the wizard “Edit Instances..” you can either change or remove an Instance by selecting the option in the 2e page:

Change or Remove an Instance

The next screen shows the list of Instances:

List of Instances
  • Change an Instance: Select the Instance from the list. The Instance parameters can be changed in the next page.
  • Remove an Instance: Select the Instance and press “Remove Instance”

Note : You can also use the instance right click menu to:  Go directly to the Edit Instance Wizard of that Instance, Restart the Instance or Remove it :

Tips & Tricks
  • Even if your LUCI STUDIO has no Ember+ plug-in license, the manager can be used as Startup and watchdog of all your instances.
  • If you used the previous version of the “LUCI Studio Manager” or “Luci Remote Controller” you can import its “LUCI Studio Manager.ini” or “Luci Remote Controller.ini” file in the “Edit Instances..” wizard.
  • The IP of the computer the Manager is running on is shown in the Windows Title bar. You can use this as target IP for any controlling software.
  • Log Files can be opened with any Application capable of reading CSV files like Exel or Open Office. These applications offer some settings to interpret the file. Use separated by | and text is delimited by
  • When the Manager is started, any LUCI STUDIO instance started manually or by an batch file will be taken over (restarted) to take control with an standard watchdog time out of 3 seconds.
  • With a LUCI STUDIO on USB you can (temporary) add extra stream instances. If this USB drive has additional instance .lsup files and an option batch startup file, starting these manually, the manager will take them over, as long as the USB drive is connected.
  • OSC can be used with the wildcard character * to send commands to all LUCI STUDIO instances. eg. with the command path “/ls/*/Commands/Register” you can register/unregister all instances.



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