Remotely Control LUCI STUDIO

To remote control LUCI STUDIO you can purchase the optional plugin called Ember+, it unlocks this standard network protocol in LUCI STUDIO so you are able to control or monitor it from any other device that supports Ember+. It is possible to control or monitor LUCI STUDIO from anywhere in the world. You can buy the upgrade plugin Ember+ for your LUCI STUDIO at our shop.

Ember+ is a lightweight control protocol developed by Lawo and L-S-B Broadcast Technologies. It was published as an open standard, and various companies have implemented Ember+ in their products since.

The Ember+ communication of all LUCI STUDIO instances on one PC is handled by the separate program “LUCI Studio Manager”, which is distributed with LUCI STUDIO. You can find it in the Start menu as “Luci Studio Manager” or, when you purchased LUCI STUDIO installed on USB, in your USB drive’s “Windows” folder.

To remote control LUCI STUDIO you need an Ember+ client program ( a device that can send Ember+ commands) like our own LUCI Studio RC , LAWO mixing desks or any other third party program supporting Ember+. The Ember+ commands that LUCI STUDIO accepts can be found in “Remote control with 3th party Ember+ clients”

Our own “LUCI Studio RC” is a ready to use Application to remote control LUCI STUDIO. It’s sold separately in our shop and can control multiple LUCI STUDIO instances on multiple devices having an intuitive tiled representation of each LUCI STUDIO instance. See “Remote control with LUCI STUDIO RC”