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Transfer license to other device

For Luci on iOs:

This is easy, since Apple remembers your purchased apps in your iTunes account. So use your iTunes account on the new iOS device and you can download LUCI on the App Store for free.

For other platforms like Windows, Mac, Android or linux:

If you want to install your LUCI on a different PC or phone you can ask us to reset your license, so you can re-activate LUCI on your new device. Keep in mind you can transfer your configuration with “Backup and Restore your Settings”.

Send us a support-ticket with your activation code and we will reset the license as soon as possible.

LUCI Subscribe

As this is a monthly subscription product, you can sign in at any device with your license code. As you can use this license only on 1 device at a time, you have to sign-out, before using it on another device. Signing- out and in can be don on the “About” page.

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