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Connect LUCI with my Hardware Codec

LUCI is compliant with all RTP / SIP protocol standards and standardized audio codecs like AAC, MP2 etc. Therefore it can connect almost all third party hardware codecs. Connecting with these codecs is the same as connecting to LUCI Studio, through RTP or SIP:


With RTP, transmitter and receiver are called directly by their internet IP address and a IP port number. Normally the Studio (as a receiver) is a fixed location, that has a fixed ip address, or even a domain address (like and these credentials can be filled in into the LUCI LIVE settings. When the transmitter is in a LAN environment it has a internal IP address that is unreachable from the outside, so the internet router has to know how to route the data on a specific IP port to the internal IP address. This is known as port forwarding:


For SIP you need an external SIP server (like where both the receiver and transmitter have a “phonenumber”. Both devices login to the SIP server and then can call each other by “dialing” the number. The SIP server is only used to connect, the data stream is directly send from a to b. Although this protocol is very flexible it also needs a vast knowledge of VOIP, for more info see “Connect LUCI with SIP” and

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