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Preserve your 30 day settings with your permanent license

All your settings in the 30 day license can be transferred to your permanent license…
for iOs:

Your 30-day iOS license is different than the permanent LUCI LIVE and LUCI LIVE SE licenses. In order to get a permanent license, you can only buy a different app at the iTunes App Store. Search for the required apps: ‘LUCI LIVE’ or ‘LUCI LIVE SE’ . If you like to preserve your settings you need to copy all manually.

If you have an enterprise account you can send a purchase order to our sales department in order to convert your 30 day license into the permanent one, keeping all of your configuration.

for Android, Linux, Windows, Mac:

If you have a 30 day license and you decide to purchase the full version in our webshop you can preserve your LUCI settings that you used in your demo app, if you follow the next steps:

  1. Buy the required app via our Shop
  2. Your activation code and download instructions is then send to you by mail.
  3. Copy the activation code without any blanks
  4. Open your 30-Day licensed Application from your device
  5. Go to the ‘About’ screen

– Click on the LUCI logo in the middle of the App (mobile), or go to Tools and check the “About” menu item (Windows / MAC):

– Press the “Re-Activate for License update” button:

– Paste in the new received activation code and fill in all required fields:

– Register

NOTE: All your provided information will be stored in our License Manager and will only be used if needed for technical reasons and not for marketing or commercial use (see our Privacy Policy).

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