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Luci Live updated to 1.9.5

For platforms Windows, Apple, iOS and Android. iOS version will be available after App store approval.

New features

  • Network jitter metering, enable this in Options or Settings
  • On Windows, show full names of Audio cards, used to be truncated to 31 characters
  • Allow the use of multiple USB drives with Luci Live on 1 PC or MAC, for multichannel purposes.
  • On MAC, show channel names for multichannel audio cards and improved support for aggregate devices
  • Improved station selection with keyboard
  • On Android, logout after FTP upload.
  • On iOS, Opus codec is added.
  • On iOS, we added the ability to keep the screen active while streaming or recording. Enable this in the settings/general screen
  • On iOS, the Station details are arranged more logically

Bugs solved:

  • On MAC, S and L shortcut keys now work
  • On Android, Fast Forward made the app crash sometimes when it reached the end of the file.

Luci Live now with Opus.

V 1.9 just released for PC, MAC and Android now contains the Opus Audio codec. iOS version follows shortly.

New features:

  • Opus audio codec, with Audio , Voice and Low delay profiles to choose from.
  • The status light besides the IN level meter now can also turn Amber. It used to turn Red on occasions where there was an error in the incoming stream from the network but Luci could correct it. It now only turns Red on errors which Luci could not correct and Amber where Luci could correct them.
  • Compatibility with Prontonet improved when called using N/ACIP.
  • On Android, you can now delete specific recordings.

Bugs solved:

  • On MAC only, when the user had specific accessibility functions activated in OSX, Luci Live would crash on text input.

Luci Live (and Lite) Update for Android, Windows and MAC

For all versions, the latest version is 1.5.6

New features:

  • Improved performance using G722 codecs.
  • The RTP port used with the N/ACIP protocol can now be set in Options.

Bug solved:

  • When you used a URL (not an ip address) as the STUN server and it started with a number , it’s now correctly handled.


Luci Live for Android version also updated to 1.5

New version 1.5 , Luci Live for Android now receives following extra features:

  • Added bitrates from 12 kbps to 20 kbps for AAC-HE and 18 kbps for AAC-HEV2
  • Support for sending multiple audio frames in 1 RTP packet, to further decrease gross bitrate. Use the phonebook to enable this advanced setting on Android.
  • Support for signalling QOS or diffserve. Use the phonebook to enable this advanced setting.
  • Improved compatibility with Mayah codecs when using AAC-HE and N/ACIP.

Bugs solved:

  • Upload function now works again on all devices.
  • Sometimes the effective jitter-buffer was lower than actually set.
  • Limited bitrates for MP2 to valid ones for each sample-rate.
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