Import station list

You now have the ability to import a station-list from a file. File-format is csv (comma seperated values), this is a common format for simple lists which can be made and edited with any spreadsheet or even text-editor. On the right you can download an example list. The first line of the csv-file must be the same as the first line of this example.
All entries are not case-sensitive while the is optional. Each line beneath the first line represents a different server-profile. Here’s a picture of a spreadsheet with the example loaded, click on it to see full size:

Entries are self-explaining, for the encoder format use the same words as in the drop down menu’s of Live2Setup.

Other small issues solved in this version :

  • The total available recording time was not displayed correctly when you choose to record as wave-file.
  • The Battery-indication did not work correctly on PC versions.

Download v1.3.17 on the right.

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