ASIO support , new bitrates for AAC-HE

New version 1.5 , Luci Live for Windows now receives following extra features:

  • ASIO support. This means lower delays overall and ultra-low delay for your Mic input monitor.
  • Added bitrates from 12 kbps to 20 kbps for AAC-HE and 18 kbps for AAC-HEV2
  • Support for sending multiple audio frames in 1 RTP packet, to further decrease gross bitrate.
  • Support for signalling QOS or diffserve. Use the phonebook to enable this advanced setting.
  • Improved compatibility with Mayah codecs when using AAC-HE and N/ACIP.

Bugs solved:

  • Sometimes the effective jitter-buffer was lower than actually set.
  • Limited bitrates for MP2 to valid ones for each sample-rate.

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