Luci Live2, 2 nice features added

  • On the PC version a status-window can be shown. This window shows some information about which codecs are being used and are incoming and the number of packets-errors and drops. It is advised to use this only in server-mode, so the normal user doesn’t have too much information on the screen.
  • You can now load a clip-list from Luci Edit, so you can play multiple files during a live transmission. The clips will be played one after the other, after playing each clip it will stop and automatically increment to the next clip in the cliplist. All non-destructive cuts that have been made are also played. Be aware that this can only be used for wave-files of course.

Luci Live2, some small additions

v 1.3.23 adds some small features:

  • You can choose to auto-connect or not in Setup. This was default On, you can now switch it off.
  • Last loaded file for Playing will be loaded again when the software starts up. Unload the file by choosing the menu-item “Open file for playing” and choose “Cancel”.

A bug solved:

  • On the Samsung Omnia the about-tool crashed when you had an sd-card inserted.

Luci Live2 v1.3.21, symmetric codecs

  • You can now choose to set Luci Live2 (when acting as a server) to use the same codec as the one that’s coming in. So, if a reporter starts a stream with AAC-HE 96kbps in stereo, the server will send AAC-HE stereo back. If the next reporter streams with AAC mono at 48 kbps, the server will send 48 kps back. To switch on: in the server profiles you can now also set the output format to “follow”, thereby indicating that it should follow the input.
  • On a PDA, the AAC-HE encoder will now have 50 ms less delay as before.
  • Asymmetric encoding/decoding with AAC encoding and MP2 decoding now works ok.
  • In the station-list, double click on a station will now Select and Confirm the selection.
  • The 30 days test keycode was actually 7 days. From this version on it’s 30 days.

2 little things

Have changed:

  •  Output Volume control range is now from -20 dB to 0dB. 0dB Corresponds with the maximum volume in the Windows mixer.
  • Chosen station name is now displayed in the window’s title bar also, but only in the PC version. Comes in handy when using Live2 as a server and you have multiple Live2 instances running and minimzed.

Download V 1.3.19 on the right.

Import station list

You now have the ability to import a station-list from a file. File-format is csv (comma seperated values), this is a common format for simple lists which can be made and edited with any spreadsheet or even text-editor. On the right you can download an example list. The first line of the csv-file must be the same as the first line of this example.
All entries are not case-sensitive while the is optional. Each line beneath the first line represents a different server-profile. Here’s a picture of a spreadsheet with the example loaded, click on it to see full size:

Entries are self-explaining, for the encoder format use the same words as in the drop down menu’s of Live2Setup.

Other small issues solved in this version :

  • The total available recording time was not displayed correctly when you choose to record as wave-file.
  • The Battery-indication did not work correctly on PC versions.

Download v1.3.17 on the right.

Registration on sd-card

V1.3.16 now is able to register to an sd-card for PDA, so you can use Luci Live2 on any PDA of your choice. We will install and register the software on the sd-card, so it runs from the sd-card. When inserted the necessary shortcuts are put in your programs folder for easy launch of the programs. When the sd-card is remove these shortcuts are also removed again. It’s that easy.

Also 1 bug fix:

  • A small bug is solved on the PC version, if you had it installed on the USB drive and switch computers the program would sometimes start outside the screen, because the former computer had a higher resolution screen.

Fade in and out features added for playing files.

V1.3.15 adds some nice new features for fading in and out the Mic signal. Cross-fades are possible also. You can set the type to use in Live2Setup , 5 types of muting or fading in and out are possible :

  1. Auto Mic mute. This is behaviour like before.
  2. Manual Mic mute. The Mic is not muted automatically you can manually mute it during play.
  3. Auto Mic fade. Behaviour is like before, but the Mic is faded in and out with the fade-times you set. You can set different fade in and out times, from 0 to 10 seconds.
  4. Manual Mic fade. Like 2. but with fade in and out.
  5. Auto Cross fade. Like 3. but with a cross-fade between played file and Mic.