Server time-out adjustable

New version 1.3.11 uploaded with extra feature and 2 bugs solved:

  • When Luci runs in server-mode, you can now set a time out. Up until now this was set to 2 seconds: if no stream comes in for 2 seconds the return stream was stopped also. Now you can set the time to any value between 1 and 999 seconds. If you fill in 0, the time-out will be 1 day exactly. This way a reporter can mute the Mic but still receive the return-stream up until the time that is set as time-out at the server.
  • We found a tiny memory-leak of 60 bytes each time a connection was made. It is now resolved.
  • Playing wave-files at different sample-rates as the I/O sample-rate now works ok.

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