AAC-HE fully unleashed !

V 1.3.14 now unleashes full potential of the AAC encoders of Coding Technologies with the addition of 2 new stereo profiles:

  • AAC-HE v2 . This enables better stereo quality with lower bitrate, adviced bitrates are from 16 to 56 kbps.
  • Oversampled SBR. In case highest bit rate efficiency is not the most important requirement but instead highest possible audio quality is aimed for, AAC-HE offers the so-called oversampled SBR mode as an alternative to plain AAC. In Luci it’s abbreviated to HQ SBR. Adviced bitrates are from 96 to 256 kbps.
  • We increased maximum bitrate for all AAC profiles to 256 kbps.
  • Useful bitrates for different profiles are: AAC mono 32 to 160 kbps, AAC Stereo 64 to 256 kbps, AAC-HE mono 16 to 64 kbps, AAC-HE Stereo 16 to 128 kbps, AAC-HEv2 Stereo 16 to 56 kbps, AAC-HE HQ SBR Stereo 96 to 256 kbps.

Download here at the right, set the new profiles in Live2 Setup and enjoy !

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