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About and Activating

On first start of LUCI Studio RC or on selecting About in the main menu the About dialog will open and show information about the Program:

From top to bottom in the about screen you will see:

  • Programs name f.y.i.
  • Version number f.y.i.
  • Manufacturer
  • License information (Demo, Trial or Full)
  • fill in LUCI STUDIO RC activation code and your License information will change into the product you purchased / got
  • ACTIVATE button to activate the code for a Full Registered mode
  • CLOSE button to close the dialog and open window to add more instances (if purchased)

If LUCI STUDIO RC is not activated it can only connect to one LUCI STUDIO instance provided you have the Ember+ plugin added to your LUCI STUDIO license. You can get a 30 day RC trial or purchase the LUCI STUDIO RC upgrade via our web shop.

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