Instance Settings

Every LUCI STUDIO instance has a separate Settings dialog, accessible by either clicking on the Instance name or selecting it’s menu button in the rack view:
When the instance is not yet connected, you will see only the IP and port settings, which you can change to the proper values in order to connect to a LUCI STUDIO instance.

When connected, the dialog also shows :

  • Name of the LUCI STUDIO instance.
  • A (-) button to delete this instance from the list
  • The version of the LUCI STUDIO instance
  • It’s Host name or IP address
  • It’s port number
  • Size of the Jitter buffer in ms
  • Size of the Dynamic Jitter buffer in ms
  • Editable Instance name as colored tag
  • Tag color selector
  • a CANCEL or OK button

The Instance name and group tag color are also send and set on the LUCI STUDIO instance itself.

Note: The jitter settings override the settings in the LUCI STUDIO instance, and are not saved but only valid for the current active connection/call.