One global phonebook can be loaded. The format of the phonebook file is the well known LUCI phonebook, for more info on how to make one see LUCI LIVE/LUCI STUDIO documentation.

By selecting the Phonebook item in the main menu a window will be shown:
You can enter the full path to the phonebook file, or select it with a system file dialog ( ). Press (RE)LOAD to load the phone numbers.

After loading you can see the phone numbers listed in a scrollable list.
The phone numbers are organised through the “Folder” Structure where the name of the folder is shown as a orange section line that can be unfolded to see the phone entries of that section.

When a Phonebook is loaded a small appears left of the Station name in the LUCI checkers.

Pressing this icon or the Station name will pop-up a small call dialog with the load phonebook:

Here you can select an entry and press to call this phonebook entry. LUCI STUDIO will: disconnect previous station, select the new phonebook entry and make the call.

After the call is finished LUCI STUDIO will be registered and the selected phonebook entry will be kept , so you could call it again or try later when failed. If you want to revert to the previous LUCI STUDIO station, just press the  button.