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You can set Logging on/off and access the Log file at the main menu:

The log file is a “Comma separated text file”, so you can open it with a standard spreadsheet program like Exel .

On selecting View Log , the Operating system will try to open a program that can view the *.csv file like Exel and shows the import screen :

Make sure the option “Detect special numbers” is selected, so you can sort the columns appropriately.

The comma separates the columns to display :

  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
  • Name of the LUCI STUDIO instance it occurred
  • Operation or Ember Information of the event
  • The Value of the Ember information or additional information
  • Destination of the the connection/call

With most viewing programs you can sort the data per column in order to view the log by Name, Date or Destination.

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