LUCI STUDIO settings can be changed by menu items you can find selecting . Most of the items have keyboard shortcuts on witch they are executed directly when pressing this key or sequence.

> Menu

Select View Maximized to show the maximized window with buttons and record/play information. The minimum view only shows the Stations info and vu meter, useful for crowded displays.
Select Show video preview for displaying the incoming video data in a separate window *.
Go to Open file for playing for select the file to play.
Go to Choose filename for recording for defining the filename prefix for recordings.
Go to Connection Wizard for a step by step Station setup.
Go to Selecting a Station for setting up, choosing and/or adding stations.
Go to Add station to quickly add a new station profile.
Go to Add phonebook from the internet to setup an url to load a phonebook from.
Go to Add phonebook from a file to select a phonebook file to load.
Go to Audio editor for editing the recorded file.
Go to FTP for sending your recorded file to an FTP server.
Go to Select audio I/O for selecting the audio input and outputs.
Go to Select Video output for selecting the video output interface *.
Go to Options to change some general settings, phonebook, SIP servers.
Go to Create Instance File for saving your current setup as an unique instance *.lsup file.
Go to About to see the about screen.
Go to Exit to quit the program.

Note *: Some items are only visible with additional plugins, or when they are switched on in the options dialog.