Audio editor

You can zoom in (1) and zoom out, set markers Left and Right to define the beginning and ending or you can drag using the scroll bar (2) to the desired location of the recording. To fine adjust you can use the two buttons (3). By pressing the set marker left button (4), the playback starting time will be set.
To define a different end of recording position, set the score cursor to the desired position and press the set marker right / end selection button (5).

Use (6) for moving the cursor to the begin or end of the file or the selected area. The selected area will be highlighted in the waveform screen and only this part of the file will be published. You can publish the selection you made with “FTP” file sending, or “Render” the result to another file.

To combine recordings you can “Create a playlist”. At creating you can define a name for the list. The current recording will be the first recording in the play list.

edit-listYou can add more recording files to the list by dragging them to the play list, for playing them, or only parts of the recordings, one after the other. Drag the files to another position or remove them from the list.
This playlist can be selected to be played during your stream session, or you can publish it through “FTP” or “Render” the result to another file.

Use “Done” to go back to the main screen.