File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol that facilitates the exchange of files between computers. It standardizes a number of operations that often differ between operating systems. From LUCI Studio you can also send files directly from the options menu.

file name
This is the name of the file on the ftp server after you send it.

Choose the FTP server to send it to.

Here you can set the codec of the published file.

Here you can set the bitrate of the file.

BWF File
BWF Broadcast Wave File is only available with MP2 for sending metadata with it.

Together with reporter, organization and country, this part is your metadata that will be sent along with your audiofile. You will see these parameters only when BWF is activated.

If you have completed all fields you can then choose Send to publish it.

NOTE: All your recordings are uncompressed by default. If you need to send your file compressed set the right codec in order to do so.

NOTE: If the Send button is disabled, then changes are you forgot to enter the ftp server or user/password credentials at ‘Options’ – ‘Upload’