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Keyboard Command Editor

Luci has several windows that have equal functionality like playing a file or setting Volume levels. All these windows had their own keyboard shortcuts to control these functions with keyboard shortcuts. The trouble in the past was that the keyboard shortcuts only worked on the window that was in front. To overcome this problem, we designed a new keyboard shortcut handler that sends the keyboard command to the window it was intended even if this window is not in front. We already routed most common keys, but the user can define it’s own in this Keyboard command editor.

The Editor gives an overview of the routed keys. The first column defines the key, and in it’s row the function it evokes in subsequent windows: Sound File Player,  Audio Editor and the Main Live window.

Each window has more or less the same functions that can be controlled.

Sound File Player: Audio Editor: Main Window:There are 3 kinds of Play commands:

  • Play: just evokes Play, another Command Stop is used to Stop the playing
  • Play/Pause, toggles between Play & Pause, leaving the play cursor where it paused.
  • Play/Stop, toggles between Play & Stop, resetting the play cursor to the beginning of the file.

You can Add a new key shortcut, by pressing Add, a new row will be shown with a selected Key field. As long as this field is selected you can type the keyboard key of your choice even together with the Shift Ctrl or Alt Key.Then select the function for each window it should evoke.

Reset / Cancel

Reset & Cancel will cancel all your edits, going back to the conditions that was saved last.


Default will cancel all your edits, going back to the Default layout that was set at first installation.


Delete will remove the selected row.


Will save the layout, and close the editor.

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